Monday, February 04, 2008

Angry with our brothers

I'm catching up on a weeks of feed reading, and I ran across this wonderful article on morality by Ravi Zacharias.

I always have a hard time reading and listening to Ravi Zacharias. So much of what he says is beyond me. The amount of thought and logic he puts into his arguments is truly amazing.

But something made it though in this essay. In particular, though, once sentence struck out to me:
When the prodigal returned, the anger he faced was not the father's but the older son's who failed to understand how marvelous was the grace of his father.
Having been called by my Father so long ago, I find myself in the role of the older son. Have I forgotten that "[...]God has always been in the business of rescue"?

God, help me to open my arms to my brothers that return home.